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21 September 2017

Halftime of the Baltic InteGrid Project

Kick-off Conference (Berlin, Germany) / Copyright: IKEM
Thematic Working Group Seminar "Martime Spatial Planning" (Gdansk, Poland) / Copyright: MIG
Baltic Offshore Grid Forum (BOGF) is unleashing a series of events to inform stakeholders, exchange with experts and bring together all parties interested in the development of a viable, integrated offshore wind energy grid in the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic InteGrid project reached an important milestone: September marked the end of the first half of the three-year funding period. Since March 2016, the project has organised a series of events, namely a Kick-off and a First Results Conference, Thematic Working Group Seminars on maritime spatial planning, policy and regulation, environment and society as well as a Country Workshop in Latvia. The interdisciplinary research on the road towards a meshed grid has set off to a good start. Furthermore, in July the Baltic InteGrid project has been invited by the European Commission to join the consultations of the Renewable Energy Working Group on the Baltic Energy Market Integration Plan (BEMIP). This meeting hopefully paves the way for further collaboration.

The To-Do list for the second half of the Baltic InteGrid project is well-filled: Further events are planned in the 2nd half of 2017 and in 2018, like the upcoming Thematic Working Group Seminar on grid design in November 2017.  Moreover, the next milestones need to be completed, for instance: the development of a toolbox of legal and regulatory instruments, the identification of business cases and opportunities for SMEs, the development of an impact mitigation strategy,  the maritime spatial planning and the cost-benefit analysis for the Baltic offshore grid, including a model simulating the impact on electricity prices and CO2 emissions. Last but not least, the Polish-Swedish and the German-Swedish case studies will be further worked out in detail in the upcoming months. Off we go for a fruitful second halftime!